Badge React Component

    Badge React component represents Badge element that can be used in lists, links, navigation bars, etc.

    Badge Components

    There are following components included:

    • Badge / F7Badge


    export default () => (
        <Navbar sliding title="Badge">
            <Link iconOnly>
              <Icon ios="f7:person_fill" md="material:person">
                <Badge color="red">5</Badge>
        <Toolbar tabbar labels>
          <Link tabLink="#tab-1" tabLinkActive>
            <Icon className="icon-fill" ios="f7:email_fill" md="material:email">
              <Badge color="green">5</Badge>
            <span className="tabbar-label">Inbox</span>
          <Link tabLink="#tab-2">
            <Icon ios="f7:today" md="material:today">
              <Badge color="red">7</Badge>
            <span className="tabbar-label">Calendar</span>
          <Link tabLink="#tab-3">
            <Icon ios="f7:cloud" md="material:file_upload">
              <Badge color="red">1</Badge>
            <span className="tabbar-label">Upload</span>
          <ListItem title="Foo Bar" badge="0"/>
          <ListItem title="Ivan Petrov" badge="CEO" badgeColor="blue"/>
          <ListItem title="John Doe" badge="5" badgeColor="green"/>
          <ListItem title="Jane Doe" badge="NEW" badgeColor="orange"/>