Kitchen Sink

    Framework7-React Kitchen Sink is a great place to get started, it has a lot of examples for all Framework7-React components and covers most of aspects.

    It is recommended to use it as a reference during development.

    Source Code

    React Kitchen Sink source code is located at GitHub repository

    Running Locally

    To run Framework7-React Kitchen Sink locally we need:

    1. Download and unzip Framework7 GitHub repository to a local folder

    2. Install Node.js (if not installed)

    3. Install Gulp (if not installed) by executing the following command in terminal:

      $ npm install --global gulp
    4. Now, we need to install required dependencies. Go to the folder with downloaded and unzipped Framework7 repository and execute in terminal:

      $ npm install
    5. We are ready to launch Framework7-React Kitchen Sink, just execute in terminal:

      $ npm run react:prod

      That command will launch Kitchen Sink with production (released) version of Framework7. To use latest development version in Kitchen Sink, use the following command instead:

      $ npm run react:dev